Commentary by Susan Nidle

November 29, 1997

Dear Readers:

      For all who read this, may we now begin an evolving relationship based on mutual respect, kindness, understanding and open communication. All solid, meaningful and lasting relationships develop from a foundation of shared experience, shared history, shared loyalty and trust. It is to be hoped that we can start this process as you read this. Let me introduce myself. I am a health care professional in my 40's and I live in Seattle. I have read my brother's material, as well as that of others, on the 'Net. The need for me to comment and to establish a dialogue came to me earlier this year. The opportunity has now arrived! Please feel free to comment and to ask questions as you feel the need. My ground rule for life and for communication on this site will always be keep it honest, keep it clean and keep it kind. Think about how your comments are received at the other end. So, let us begin.

      Everyone who reads this has a different set of life experiences. Those experiences will lead each of us to interpret Sheldon's messages in a slightly different way. Whatever is in our hearts and minds, whatever we believe, will cause us to filter his words and to change them. Let us therefore acknowledge that each of us will glean our own meanings, based on the intellectual and spiritual influences that have shaped our lives. Since the age of 3, and probably earlier, my background has been deeply steeped in "metaphysics", comparative religions, meditation, myth and symbol, etcetera. If, based on this background, my point of view becomes too obtuse or unfathomable, please write to me and we can talk about it.

      My brother's update for November 25 focuses first on the Ascension process. What a maligned and overused word is Ascension, but we must keep in mind that it is a process. Though we all experience the energies, we do filter them in our own way. For some, that may mean profound changes in the physical body, such as illness or nausea, dizziness, absolute fatigue, inability to digest certain foods, diarrhea, aches and pains, flu-like symptoms, or changes in hormonal cycles.

      It seems that some people are experiencing the rapid onset of sometimes "fatal" illnesses, which cause them to change their lifestyle. And a number of people who have been just barely 'hanging in there' physically, suddenly let go and die. I think this is a time when people are learning BIG lessons quickly. It seems to me that we are being challenged at whatever level we can learn most profoundly. To wit, if we learn best through physical body changes, we may be experiencing serious health problems. If we are very emotional, we may be undergoing profound changes in relationships, such as divorce, death or betrayal. Or we may be experiencing bouts of heavy depression, confusion, inability to focus and control our emotions. By the same token, if we are more intellectual, we may be feeling confused, listless, withdrawn, unable to focus our ideas, very FORGETFUL, and so forth.

      We are all being affected at some level, even to our DNA, as some scientists and researchers have recently begun to report. We are being influenced , or "prepared", from the cell to the soul level. Is this frightening, is this an intrusion, or is this something we should fight against? No! I refuse to entertain the illusion that this is not of our own will. We all agreed to participate in this at some level, and it is high time that we began our participation! We are here NOW because we want to be a part of this, so what is holding us back? In the course of this letter, we shall talk about what that means.

      The update spoke of how they built the foundation, and are now working on the steel framing which, I guess, means the "star seed" people. At some level, this change and reinforcement of certain individuals filters down to all of us. At a basic level, be aware that we are going through changes. We must try to stay grounded and humble. We are all working together to get through this, and we need to remember that we are all connected. What is done to the least is done to the whole. The same goes for our beloved planet. She is being helped and worked on at a core level. Her frequencies are undergoing incredible swings witness the magnetic pole shifting. I have heard reports that pilots are having to calibrate their instruments almost daily to keep up with the shifts in magnetic north. (Do you realize how amazing this is?)

      Since childhood, I have visualized the Earth as a beautiful and glorious Woman. I love her dearly and would do anything for her. In fact, I feel that I exist just to be here for HER. Many women I have spoken with feel the same way. They are strangely drawn and loyal to the Earth as a Woman and as the Mother. It is that point on which I focus through all this. I try to keep Her in mind as the One who is Important. We shall help Her through this. We are there for Her. And so that we can be of more help to Her, we must heighten our own frequencies. As the update said, the key to freeing the Earth of her limitations is by "the rapid shift in frequency and in the nature of the geomagnetic field," which is basically causing all of our discomfort. So why should we even attempt to hold up this process? I think that fear is what holds most of us back. We must acknowledge our fears.

      Compassion and love involve work. They are simple and yet they are complex. They are difficult, both to understand and to accept. When done from the heart, it is easy for us to practice these virtues. The problem is, of course, that our hearts are not open. They are filled with fear, sadness, remorse, revenge, bitterness, etcetera. Events we have found difficult to accept, have perhaps hardened them. Hence the need to dig even deeper into our hearts and open them still further. Do we accept the circumstances in our lives as lessons to be learned that will allow us to open our hearts still further? Or do we use these events as an excuse to close our hearts down and simply blame?

      It seems to me that the rituals we have been inventing, pursuing and devoting ourselves to, have helped us to respond in a more positive manner. (Is this true for you?) I have been praying to the Mother and am even doing the ritual of the rosary with a group of women. We meet, not physically, but by long-distance, but we are focused on the same thoughts. We pray and meditate using Mary and other symbols of the Mother to focus our energies. I have to say that it has helped me tremendously. I focus my heart on the Mother symbol to try to activate the depths of my own faith and compassion. I also pray to White Tara, female counterpart of the Tibetan Buddhist Avalokiteshvara, and the Mother of Compassion. These things help ground me. (What helps to ground you? Find it and keep it as your ritual.)

      It seems to me that our dreams are very important now. If our logical minds are having trouble accepting the reality of the changes that are occurring, then our dreams embody the only true way some of us have of hoping to understand what's real. Our minds logically interpret the intuitive, and misrepresent it to us. But in dreaming, the logical mind is shut down. The symbols dreams give to us can sometimes come directly from our souls the real reality. At some point, the logic of "dream time" will be our real world. We will no longer need to employ the "logical mind". It will be an anachronism. But for now, it is only through dreams or waking visions that most of us have access to that soul level.

      Waking visions are a wonderful approach and we should allow ourselves to daydream and to drift. We can set aside a point in our meditation time to envision what we will. (See what comes to you. I guarantee that you will often receive your most valuable insights in that state.) More and more, we are living in a time when the wisdom of our lives arises from the realm beyond the "logical" the concrete mind. But how shall we get there?

      We must all activate ourselves. Through individual work, we must open our souls and our hearts. In the past,. Shamans were the only ones allowed to frequent the other realms. They did all the work familiarized themselves with the territory and were acknowledged accordingly. Now that once-distant realm is right around the corner. Over 75 years ago, Alice Bailey (an English-born occultist and New Age prophet), said that the veil between the two worlds would be rent asunder by the end of this century. Boy, was she right! There is now only a very THIN curtain between us. It is time we began to accept the spiritual side of ourselves and befriended it. The Angelic Realm is all around us and we must open our hearts, our eyes and our ears to them. We must recognize only the Highest and the Best of them and invite them in. We must always use our intelligence, our faith and our hearts: they will lead us to know what is right and to act for the greater good. And, of course, we must follow the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

      You do not always have to accept what I say, or what my brother Sheldon says, but you must judge what you encounter in life. Read, explore and meditate, and filter it through your own "BS" detector - your heart, your mind and your discernment - to find your own truth.

Just remember..........The truth is out there. Really! And it is stranger than you think.


Susan Nidle

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