Commentary by Susan Nidle

December 1, 1998

      Swirling Vortexes and Other Miasmas


     “Where we are is hell,
     and where hell is,
     must we ever be.”


     “Come, I think hell’s a fable...” *

The time has come to talk about fear and the miasmas of negative thought naturally surrounding us now. What is fear composed of? What comes to mind when in the grip of these forceful vortexes? For some, fear signals the banishment of light, obscuring vision, narrowing focus, causing colors to fade... ( Am I speaking of the NW in the winter?) Deepest feelings collapse and fold into themselves, and coldness and stillness prevail. For others, fear is represented by the opposite sensations. Wild churning energy with crazy colors and layer upon layer of dissonance, confusion and powerlessness. Ultimately, total fear encompasses utter hopelessness and the absence of love. If we consider Time a dimensional boundary, then before the dawning of love and before light, there is hope. She shines in our soul’s eye, in the dark, null time after the moon sets and before the rising sun. Hope remains always the eternal beauteous beacon, shining ahead, beckoning our movement forward.

      The vortex swirls, drawing us towards its magnetic center of confusion. Keep aware, however, that on this level, everything has dual meanings. The center can appear seductively quiet and beautiful, offering much to us. It can enthrall us in complex ways, being many-sided, and turning and churning, like a jewel of a sickening yet fascinating cut.

      Fear, in the mind’s eye, can take the form of confusion, whose path of least resistance is mental negativity. Doubt may be utilized to stimulate discernment and to spur judgement, thus sharpening the outer reaches of the mind. One doubt may even lead to a place of confusion where many factors need to be sorted and weighed. But, to linger on that path, in that place, actively choosing a byway whose source is confusion, can lead directly and simply to a large lake of negativity. On the other hand, correct utilization of the path of confusion and doubt, for some, leads down a winding path to the bright light o clarity and crystalline thought. The clear lake of truth at the end of the long pathway... hidden somewhat by thick underbrush.

      Nothing here is simply black and white, yet all questions turn and rotate from a base that is One. The questions and problems reflect myriad aspects of the same fundamental value. When problems are dissected using only the concrete (3D) mind, pure confusion most often reigns. The path is almost never straight, narrow and logical. Nothing is blatantly solved by falling into the rut of any single, apparently easy path. Now, wasn’t that confusing?

      Disinformation is one elegant, classic way of introducing fear, confusion and doubt into the fragile human psyche. It provides confusion on a simple platter. For those concrete raw and yearning minds, for those people all over the world who are newly opening to awareness, it offers a complex and enticing way into the labyrinth of confusion.

      So here follows my wish, and the obtuse point of this commentary. Think long and hard about it all before you swallow it whole. You are no doubt being presented, on the internet, and in the news media, with information that may lead you to jump whole hog to conclusions about fear-based scenarios. Turn them over in your mind, think deeply about them and examine all of the possibilities. What are the motives of the beings behind these scenarios, what can be gained by introducing a level of fear and confusion? Who would benefit? Are we being tested for our gullibility and our naivete?

      We are each being readied in our personal kingdoms and localities for the changes. Overhauled, rewired, reset. We must let go of the old fear-based scenarios and give over. The wide-ranging possibilities of the increase of light and hope offered to us beckon us to open our minds, while continuing to train our “instruments of discernment”-- (our hearts, souls and minds). T’isn’t easy and it isn’t pretty, but there it is.

      Don’t get me wrong. Rolling over and submitting like “dumb” beasts (there’s an oxymoron) to our “fate” is not what I am indicating. There is a fine line between giving it over and giving in.

      A friend who recently experienced a life-threatening illness and life-changing emotional and physical challenges spoke about her upheavals to me in a realistic manner. She matter-of-factly expressed herself, armed with knowledge gained from her own understanding and experiences. She said, ”Now, when I visualize something, it happens...” Yes, I have to agree. Things have changed immensely on the inner plane levels. When we do the work, the changes occur in us. I am not speaking of money or outer advantages, necessarily, but of soul level CHANGE. Like that old tired adage (was it St. Theresa, or Truman Capote who alleged it?) Be careful what you pray for, you might get it.” We do have the ability to impact all that surrounds and permeates us, so it behooves us to assume responsibility for at least attempting to understand the consequences of our actions and thoughts. It naturally follows and becomes evident that a moral responsibility exists. But even more importantly, we understand the necessity of recognizing, incorporating and acting on that reality, from a purely energetic level. All of this is easily said, but not so easily done nowadays. What follows must be the strange and upsetting reality that we cannot understand fully or anticipate all that is transpiring around us. We must consent for NOW, to a bit of confusion and simply trust the Divine Ones.

      “If she (the soul) be pure, then shall she obtain favour and rejoice in the latter day; but if she hath been defiled, then shall she wander for a time in pain and despair.”**

      Wander just for a time. Oh, admit it, piteously few of us have not spent some of our allotted time wandering. But why assume the worst as the ultimate conclusion? (If there ever is an ultimate conclusion.) And no, my name is not Pollyanna.

      It is a fine line we walk between understanding and acceptance. Forgive me as I quote a favorite of mine at the end of her life:

      “My lord, I am tied with a chain of iron about my neck...I am tied, I am tied, and the case is altered with me.”***

There are times when even those chosen absolutely by their soul’s destiny must submit to the flow and accept changes inevitably at hand, thus bowing to the Greater Plan. Most of us are wandering a bit lately, but hopefully have not shut down our discerning minds and trounced upon our yearning souls.

      What of the three simple questions offered by the Buddha in his wanderings:

     “Whence came we?”
     “Why are we here?”
     “Whither are we going?”

(Always, I have been drawn to pondering the “why”.) Is our quest for the reason for Being merely supposed to lead us to the burial ground of confusion, forever miring us in fear and silliness? I think not. The answer is inherent in any question, there for us to discover it. Roll over, think about it and let your heart and soul guide you... As you walk that fine line down the slender road of your own soul’s destiny, allow your courageous sense of hope and love to show you the way. And take the time to ponder the source and wondrousness of it all...

* from the script of Orson Welles’ staged version of Dr. Faustus, originally written by that other genius, Christopher Marlowe.

** Qaballah by Meyer, p. 198.

*** Elizabeth I: A Biography by Paul Johnson. (Author’s note: No, I am not promoting a movie! --sn.)


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