Commentary by Susan Nidle

December 15, 1997

Dear Readers:

Welcome to another commentary.

      The recent full moon in Gemini, along with Mercury, also retrograde in Gemini, can set the stage for misunderstandings in communications and mental confusion. I, however, prefer to think of it as an opportunity for us to turn our thoughts inward. (Let us not use the usual route.) My brother's December 13th update was another in a series of his increasingly fascinating, clear and technical expositions on the inner "scientific" basis of light and energy mechanics. I cannot claim inner knowledge of its workings, but I am witness to the fact that he has been speaking of these principles since the age of 10 or so. The material has gained clarity and, I think, control. Nevertheless, in its principles, it remains the same. My expertise and learning have not been in technical scientific theory and the practice of quantum physics. Rather, they lie in understanding the "psychological" and spiritual patterns of reality. Whew to each her/his own!

      Thanks for the e-mail. It was very inspiring. One person asked if I had proof articles, names, dates, clinical studies -- to back my statements. Do not get me started on that! I work as an experienced registered nurse in the hospital critical care unit. I am frequently confronted by those who are entrenched and deeply invested in the old belief systems. They are doctors, whose whole lives are based on the "scientific theory" of western medicine, and/or nurses, who know only what they have been taught. These people, for whom I often have great respect as secret healers (a dirty word in the medical profession), are full of fear when they encounter an idea which challenges their basic belief system: they usually scoff at topics such as energetic and spontaneous healing, karma, reincarnation, the soul's choice, and inter-dimensional reality. "Where is your proof of efficacy?", they say. Lordy, they accuse me of providing only "anecdotal evidence". It is a term that I have come to cherish.

      Readers, all of my life is anecdotal evidence. I cannot objectively prove anything! What's more, medical professionals cannot prove anything, either. In fact, the National Institutes of Health have stated that at least 60% of the procedures and treatments used routinely in hospitals have NEVER been in a clinical trial. These procedures are used as a result of that same ANECDOTAL evidence. Which brings me to a favorite hypothesis that I have been "nursing" for years: "What is truth? What is reality?" Clinical studies are supposedly based upon facts. But these are facts which can be easily manipulated from study to study. Many scientific tests have clearly shown that each particular experiment is affected in some way by the person who conducts it. In other words, there is no objective reality. There is only a milieu which we have agreed upon as being real. This reality is founded upon our own unique social and cultural contexts.

      At most, the reality that we have lately accepted as "scientific" is only 400 years old. When I dream of Heaven, I dream of a place in which each person finds her/his own level. On that plane, we each move to, and live at, the level of our heart and our deepest comfort. Moreover, when we are ready to cast off the ideas and beliefs which form the basis of our boundaries of reality, we move on to new and more magnificent realities. At other levels, reality encompasses all realms of possibility. That is why the Ancients thought of the Divine Mother or the Queen of Heaven (Isis, for instance,) as the 'Woman with the 1,000 Breasts who Would Nourish All'. She is all-accepting as the Eternal Forgiver and Lover of All. There is a place in Her heart for everyone.

      Even at this decidedly dense and rapidly-changing level upon which we consent to live, there is room for all of the many realities. Fortunately, the number of rooms is rapidly expanding. Our Father's house has many mansions. We CAN co-exist in love. Nonetheless, we must individually begin to accept each other's reality.

      Accepting universal law requires growth. Believe me, I am not setting myself up as a complete grown-up! We do not, however, have to change the entire world. We must merely begin to change ourselves in whatever increments we can tolerate. We need to consult our hearts. We need to meditate. To pray and to do ritual. We need to concentrate and to listen to the voice within. Most importantly, we need to serve our fellow creatures on this planet. Many of our Angelic inter-dimensional loved ones are right there for us to consult. They are fairly shouting at us for recognition. We only need to listen.

      My favorite button slogan used to be "Question Authority". Now, of course, it is "Question Reality". I cannot tell you what my reality is and expect you to understand it. It includes much inter-dimensional experience, strange "phenomena", etcetera, which tend to rub off on and confound those near me. This is acceptable, because it makes them question what is real. Whenever complacency sets in, we must go deeper. We are not here merely to construct a secure, false reality for ourselves and to defend it to the death with lies, denial, violence and sadness. We must be warriors for the truth and for the deep, dark, strange reality that lives within us. These things are the stuff which we are taught to ignore.

      I truly believe that, in all likelihood, most of us have had rather bold life experiences which we have perhaps ignored or denied. These experiences could lead us to be accused of craziness, of "schizophrenia" (what a great term!) or irrationality, or even of emotionalism. In "normal" society, these are dire diagnoses. Traits and understandings which were revered in tribal societies, such as the ability to interpret dreams, to have visions or even to speak to other beings, are condemned in our "rational" society. Ha! In order to fit into our role as adults, we have had to deny our childhoods, which were rich with inner knowledge.

      Why continue this silly charade? I think that one consequence of the coming change in vibrations will be the acceptance of other levels of reality. There will be an acceptance, because our unusual childhood experiences will become a common denominator for the present strange experiences. The "guys upstairs", as I like to call them, have been conducting their grass-roots campaign now for quite a while. It is almost ready to bear fruit. The creeping subterranean reality is about to come to the surface. It is not scary. It will, in fact, expose the present reality for what it is a sham, as well as a pathetic representation of the brighter Life that now exists on the other side of the mirror. But I ramble....Consciousness is, indeed, changing around us.

      Five years ago, I would have felt insecure discussing the topics above. Now, these things are debated widely in public -- on talk shows, for instance. There are many basic truths in our lives which we just accept, but we cannot prove them to anyone agreed? So we open our hearts and look deep. How do we know they are true for us? Because that part of ourselves, the part that is the heart of us, accepts them.. The part of us, that is, that we must now learn to listen to constantly. Let us permit that part of ourselves to drown out the false. Timetables and proof are not of the essence. This is a time for inner understanding, group sharing and communication. We have to share our powerful common understandings. More and more, they will make us realize that we are not alone during our growth. When we honor our dreams and aspirations, we better see the things that are reflected around us. By applying this knowledge, we may begin to assist those "guys upstairs" in their great work of change and redemption.

      In conclusion, I greatly appreciate the correspondence, questions and comments that come from your reading of my commentaries.



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