Commentary by Susan Nidle for the Millennium

December 27, 1999

      Some Thoughts About Time

     Somewhere near, lived those of the blue persuasion.

     Painting their faces with muted tones of yellow and

     ochre, they would move along together, undulating in

     twos and threes. Hearing attuned to the inner music of the

     wind's flickering, they chanted and whispered ancient names,

     names of those who had passed beyond, into the next field.

A Disturbance in the Field

There were times, watching between rhythms, finding and hearing words and steps beating out a pattern, the old pattern, I stretched out. Yes, and as I caught the distant sound, was no longer aware of a disturbance.

     And the color was flowing from their feet and hands,
     their bodies were swaying and moving.
     Turning, turning in the sky
     Their edges soft, their feelings spiraled,
     As they wove their song in the night.
     The stream was not obstructed.

     No disturbance was felt.

     Melting back to the square-edged box
     called "Life",
     the colors coming on bright and harsh with
     hidden sharp angles catching my
     old corners, I heard the wind whipping past me
     as I dropped swiftly.

     I looked down.

     And was again aware of the disturbance.

Last night I walked in the dark woods and put my hands on the old tree again. She called to me, leaning towards me, in that high-pitched, sweet, softly smiling tone, the way a tree recognizes you at midnight. Yes, she knew me, with my questing and my questions. She extended herself to me, engulfing my thoughts and expanding what was me.

     My hands firmly on her, we turned slowly in the moonlight, never moving, never pausing. The slow dancing turn, the clockwise spiral shift, of the dark earth towards the silver moon. Her companion watched silently. Eons she had paused there with him. Nodding, he turned to oblige and allow. Yes, this moment occurred, in the middle of blueness of a dark moon night, and no one spoke in the silence. There was no disturbance.

     How long will it take to return to the house with many rooms? How long before I can sit down in the comforting brown chair that I long for? The interconnecting rooms are waiting for my visit, silently keeping watch and form in the midst of my deepest dreams.

     When I was a child, what childishness there was, was left out of the hallway, the long hallway. I thought it was only a hallway, but it was a tube, a corridor to somewhere else. The tube was square and it was round, it had a floor, and it didn't. Floating down it was not unusual. Flying down it was normal. Its length varied, according to time. It always had a door at the end. A blue door, which somehow we would open at the right moment of approach. You had to look sideways at it, and then it cooperated. Other times, it just went away. Like time goes away.

     The hallway held many things. It was filled with surprises. A whole kingdom, or a twinge of remembrance. Dreaming our dreams, we would slide down the hallway at our own pace. A the hallway. Before the door.

A Glitch in Time Saves Nine

How are we managing to integrate the new with the old? We have to continually remember that we are spending time in one small corner of a larger reality. It is difficult for us to keep the perspective of the new inside of ourselves, and yet remind ourselves that the world, in a larger way, revolves in its own pattern. Slowly, and not with our desires in mind, she makes her way towards the different levels.

     It is a time to find a way to create one's own reality. A shift in how we see ourselves is necessary. How are you preserving your sense of reality in these shifting times? Writing, dreaming and talking with others are my chief ways of staying creative and grounded. I would love to hear from you and see how you cope.

     Do you write down your dreams? Do you ponder and wonder what the heck is going on REALLY deep down, during these changes that are occurring with dizzying swiftness?

     When I can find time, I am writing about how we are dealing with these changes on inner levels. I really don't care how many canned goods you have, or if you will be able to use your car next year. I care about what we are doing inside to feel, think and dream our way through the coming shifts.

     When I was a child, I read voraciously. My brother and I were confronted with two worlds, constantly. These two realities did not mesh. I have been pondering for many years, how did we exist between these two worlds, these two dimensions? Have you experienced the other reality? And how do you bring that back to your life? I am not interested in convincing anyone of the realness of the other levels, I just know that there are many of us who experience this, and I know we cope in different ways. I will share with you how I cope more and more, and I would love to hear your stories.

     So again, I would like to say that I do not want to hear stories of experiences; I want to hear your heart. How do you feel, what do you do to cope? What do you think and dream? We must let it out, so that others can follow the stream and we will travel down river and over the falls...

So, if this resonates with you, send your dreams, your poetry, your stories.

Send them to me through and they will be forwarded to me.


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