Commentary by Susan Nidle

December 29, 1997

Dear Readers:

      Greetings to you. Thank you for your correspondence and thoughts. Thank you for taking time to read this commentary during the holiday season.

      By the time you read this, a New Year will have just about dawned. I suppose it will be two or three years until we can consider the century over. Until we reach the end of the year 2000 — the start of the new millennium. I remember thinking about this years ago: it seemed so far away, then. The path to this moment has not been a linear one: it has been reached through switchbacks and meanderings. Nevertheless, here we all are.

      On December 23, Sheldon’s update mentioned that lately, "much has happened that cannot and should not be spoken about." Very true. And most likely not spoken of because, as in the old metaphysical tradition, to verbalize or sound out an idea before it unfolds will take away its power and intent. That is why, when a child blows out birthday candles, she/he is told to make a wish, but not to tell anybody what it is “or you’ll spoil it". So we all are waiting for our birthday wish. We are holding our thoughts and crossing our fingers. We are waiting with our eyes squinted shut!

      That is why the rituals we are (hopefully) keeping up are so important. Always, on this level, before something happens physically, it must penetrate all the dense layers from the soul down to our 3-D world. Through our mental, emotional, etheric and physical bodies, and not in a straight line. but more in a kind of 3-D spiral. So we must build the images and thoughts and bring them down through the soul bridge, through the power of our group mind which "they" have been helping us to build.

      The rainbow bridge (the "Antakharana" in Sanskrit) is the bridge to the soul. It has been constructed, over the past years, by our tremendous group effort. It is the means by which the message of our soul is carried to this level and made real. From the soul to our 3-D world, the bridge is built through the desire, thought and need of every one of us. This bridge is strengthened by our rapidly growing ability to link up with our own souls, with each other, and with those "guys upstairs". There is nothing odd or spooky in all of this. It is actually quite "logical" and beautiful. A network of light around the planet, built by our conscious and unconscious efforts.

      People write to me of their desire to see the change happen NOW. Well, desire is a useful tool. At a soul level, it is the energy that binds us together. If we had no desire at this level, nothing would be done. No one would be "attracted" to each other and we would die off quickly. Our physical world would fall apart! Like anything else here, desire can be a positive energy. What matters is how it is utilized. Why not channel the impatient form of our desire for the big change, into useful outlets?

      In other words, instead of panting for the "time" to arrive, we must use our energy in other ways. At this point, let me ramble a little about time. Time is really a figment of our imagination. It is just another force to be worked with. It is not something that should rule us. (Have you ever “lost” time? Lately, haven’t you frequently felt that time has passed more quickly than it used to? People at work say this to me continually, and I don’t think it is just because we are all growing older!) Time IS different lately. It is spun upon itself. It is twisted and spiraled. As we wait, we must remember that. When we meditate or pray, can we count the minutes? In those altered states of dreaming, meditating or day-dreaming to which we are becoming ever more accustomed, there is no clock, there are no days, months or years. One night last year, as three of us witnessed some “ships” “working on the water” we lost about two hours of time. Where did it go? Do we care?

      Realize that most of the world’s indigenous people are of the belief that there is to be an imminent change. In the next few years, the planets will go into a major alignment. The magnetic fields are changing, and many religions speak about the "end times". I don’t think this is just because the millennium is approaching. How did the Mayans, the Hopi, the Australian aborigines and many others know all this? They didn’t use the Gregorian calendar! Readers, the change will come, and when it arrives, some may say, "Wait! We’re not ready yet, can’t we have a few more months!?" The inevitable happens on its own cosmic schedule. Our job is to prepare ourselves and to help each other to get through this. That is why we are here now. (Do you agree?)

      I remember how Krishnamurti, a great no-nonsense Indian spiritual teacher (who died, at over ninety, more than ten years ago), would harp on the need to ‘Wake Up’. In the old world, it was easy to sleep. For some people, things continued from one generation to the next without much difference. The path of least resistance led people to slumber. Think of how hard it is now to bury our heads in the sand and pretend that NOTHING is changing! We have to make an incredible effort NOT to see that much of the world’s structures (banking, economics, education, government, healthcare) are falling apart. True, many are still in denial, but they are not in a blissful state. They are in a fearful denial.

      The way I see it, the path of least resistance for the majority of people is actually becoming the path of seeking the light. The light is the way out of fear and into refuge, as the rest is becoming rapidly darker and darker. The polarity is now apparent, whereas before it was unclear. "You wanted clarity!" I can hear "them" laughing up there. "They" are throwing their bowling balls as Washington Irving described in his story. In the past, didn’t we ask for clarity in our lives? Well, here it is. Be careful what you pray for. You may get it, in all of its trembling glory. A friend sent me a book on Mother Mary for Solstice, Christmas/Hanukkah, or whatever you may call the celebration. Written by Janice T. Connell, it is called “Meetings With Mary”. In 1980, the Queen of Heaven appeared to Bernardo, a 50-year-old Indian from Nicaragua. I’ll pick one of many recent apparitions to illustrate a point. "The Lord does not want material churches and temples to be built to honor Him. He wants each of you to be a living temple in which He is invited to dwell. In you is the gratification for the Lord. Love each other...The Churches and Temples are you, each of you!"(page 162) And some of us are surprised that attendance at organized religious gatherings has declined to about 25% in this country.

      She also told him, "Charity is a way of life that builds up humanity and the world. Pardon each other and make peace. Do not ask for peace unless you make peace. I am your mother who never forgets her children." She said she is a refugee. In Tibetan Buddhism, we are asked to take refuge in the Buddha. In the old prayer to the Goddess, she says, " Whenever you have need of me .... I am the Mother of All Living, and My love is poured out upon the waters. I am the Beauty of the Green Earth, and the White Moon among the Stars."

      She/He is the same however we choose to see her, whether it is as White Buffalo Calf Woman, Buddha, Mary — it is the Goddess. But in order to help that connection and energy to stream in, we need to humble our minds to a place where we surrender our time-oriented thoughts and give it all up. So whatever "ritual" serves as our path of least resistance, whether it be in prayer, meditation, dreaming, visualization, or whatever else, we must employ it in our quest to do service to this energy. That is all “they” are asking. Without a doubt, the other side of the coin of all this is practical service. In our lives, we must do whatever inspiring acts of charity and kindness stir our hearts. These acts will also serve to focus this energy and to make it a reality sooner.

      Twenty-five years ago, John Lennon was laughed at for voicing the brilliantly "simple" idea — "give peace a chance." Well! Whatever you can do to promote peaceful relations among your family, friends, neighborhood community and so forth, it will also serve the same energy that we are somewhat impatiently awaiting. Look within. It is not going to happen easily. We all need to make an effort in this terrarium that we are stuck in. As Alice Bailey used to say, "Serve where you stand." Ponder on that. I greatly encourage your correspondence.

Blessings to you.


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