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Why are we here?

A perfectly natural question that many of us have asked ourselves,
especially in light of events of the past three years.

The answer lies in the Akashic Records, a complete account of all lifetimes on earth
dating from the beginning of physical Creation. A cornerstone of our soul growth,
the Akashic Records describe every detail of our pasts, while providing
an indispensable guide into our next lives.

We at PAO are delighted to welcome a brand-new guest, Lisa Barnett,
to our monthly Webinars. Lisa is a renowned healer and founder of the
Akashic School of Wisdom, and we are very honored to have her with us.

An almost inexhaustible source of Akashic lore, Lisa discusses the Records’
relevance to our own times. Unique in her ability to connect us with these annals,
Lisa clarifies the ways in which we can access our individual Akashic Records.

Subjects to be discussed:
What are Akashic Records?
Connecting with Your Own Masters,
Teachers and Beings of Light

Accessing Past Lives
Ways of Clearing Karma
Understanding One's Life Plan

About Lisa:
Lisa Barnett is an internationally-recognized author, teacher and Spiritual healer with 30 years’ experience.

In the mid-90s, she was summoned  by the Akashic Masters who wished to share their personal insights into her life and those of her clients. By 2005, she was totally immersed in the Akashic realm. Lisa had begun a most astonishing journey!

Out of this life-affirming experience emerged the Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom, which brings the gifts of ancient Akashic clarity and healing to a wider audience.

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