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Ted Mahr, gifted psychic, remote viewer and time traveler, hosts the immensely
popular radio show ‘Out of This World’, This time, he returns to share a lively
Webinar and offer his thoughts – and those of his spiritual advisors –
on issues both Gaian and galactic.

Ted says we are “at a crossroads in human history”, between ascension and annihilation.

Will there be a Third World War? And would the Galactics be able to assist us?

Are enough of us awake to power a significant enough shift and change the direction
of the world? According to Ted, “as the Earth ascends into the higher dimensions,
the ability to talk to the other side and benevolent Extraterrestrials will become
even more important”

And so he will bring support and encouragement from those who forever
watch over us, and from those who once trod this earth as we do now.

Subjects to be discussed:
Galactic Alliance
Ted's Galactic Contacts
Zorra from Hollow Earth
Ted's Inner Earth Contact
No More Wars
The Quest for World Peace
Time Travel and the New Earth
A Glimpse into Humanity's Future
What Great Leaders from the Past Have to Say

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About Ted
Ted Mahr’s spiritual journey began in 1994 when his foster mother, Teri, introduced him to the ‘other side’. In freeing him to explore his true talents, she pointed Ted in the direction of an extraordinary and focused life quest. For years he explored, learning about the higher dimensions, and the secrets of life beneath, above and around us, On top of all his other accomplishments, he is a gifted psychic.

Now, he is the thoughtful and congenial host of the popular podcast ‘Out of This World’, Armed with a multi-faceted awareness, Ted shares his knowledge with an expanding circle of informed and well-known guests.

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