BROTHER VERITUS - A Repository of Spiritual Knowledge for the Aquarian Age (Spanish & English

DAMANHUR - Example of an advanced spiritual community in Italy

DAN WINTER - Inventor, Author, Visionary


FLOWER OF LIFE RESEARCH, INC - The Flower of Life seminars and the work of Drunvalo Melchizedek

GALACTIC FRIENDS - Together Joyfully co-creating a spiritual Galactic Society we can all be proud of

GEORGE KOEMTZOPOULOS - Researcher of ET Intelligence

THE GREAT SHIFT - Preparing for the coming dimensional shift in human consciousness

HEAL THYSELF - IAN CAMERON - Overcome Stress and Illness - Find Peace of Mind

HEATHER MACAULEY - Living Life Magically

INTERDIMENSIONAL PORTAL - We are spiritually ready to interact with interdimensional gateways

KEEPERS OF THE FLAME - Components of Spirituality

LIGHTSHIFT 2000 - Inspiration and components of Spirituality

LOTUS IMMORTAL - Tools For the Expansion of the Human Experience

NATURAL PORTAL - Creating a Heavenly Earth

ONE LIGHT AND HOLLOW EARTH - Dianne Robbins on the Cetacians and Telos, city inside Mother Earth

PATHWAY TO ASCENSION - Understanding the planetary events that are unfolding

POLISH WEBSITE - Sheldan Nidle and others

REVERSE SPEECH ENTERPRISES - Subliminal truth of speech patterns

SELF MASTERY EARTH INSTITUTE - Blend of East and West to Universality

SAYAHDA - Visionary teachings

SPIRIT NETWORK - Resources needed to prepare for the age of Enlightenment - Components for Spirituality

STARSEED COMMUNITY - Bringing light to the world through the frequency of love

DR. JOSHUA DAVID STONE - Melchizedec Synthesis Light Academy

THE TAZZ AND PAULA SHOW - Program interviews that merge science and miracles into a new wisdom uplifting consciousness

ENTERING THE NEW REALITY - A website dedicated to assisting the unfolding of humanity

TRANSFORMATION NETWORK - The World Healing Project

JAMES F. TWYMAN - The Peace Troubadour, Emissary of Light